In Loving Memory of

Taylor Rian Kij

SUNRISE May 29, 2001 - SUNSET July 31, 2015

Taylor was a vibrantly beautiful young lady with a heart of gold. With a grand passion for life she loved traveling having been to 10 different states. Among her favorite locations were Hawaii, California and Florida where she frequented all things DISNEY. Between her and her brothers and sisters they managed to keep the entire Churro making industry in business. Taylor was an avid lover of animals as well caring for her own horse named Jetters, Dogs Chloe and Lola, a Turtle named Dash, a crazy frog Kermit and God only knows how many fish. Her passion for animals was so deep that she dreamed of one day being a Marine Biologist; a firm decision she made after swimming with Dolphins.

For all that Taylor loved, nothing was more important to her than her family and friends. She was a real example to all those who met her about what it means to love unconditionally. Taylor had a positive attitude no matter the circumstance and her love consumed our hearts. Taylor had such a heart for Go ...
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Keeping you all in our prayers. Taylor was a joy to know, to have in GO! Class. She was the star of any skit and everyone always wanted to be on her team. She radiated the joy of the Lord. Praying for the comfort and peace only He will bring. ~Laura Pokorski

Taylor was such a special person, and I am so honored to have known her and her family. There was never a dull moment with her! Whether it was trying to talk me into buying diamond candles, talking about Taylor Swift, discussing the all important Taco Tuesday, or listening to her 101 reasons why she didn't want to do Crossfit with Jamie! My favorite was when she talked me into helping her prank Jamie by putting ketchup in her hand so when she "fell" it looked like she was too injured to do PT. We got ketchup all over the floor and Taylor was laughing hysterically. Her sense of humor and gentle spirit will be missed greatly. The family support she has had is incredible and was lucky to have you all. She was such a happy young lady! Thank you for allowing me to share some memories with her! Hugs! ~Mandy Mortenson

Taylor was a radiant spirit! No matter what day I saw her or despite what battle she was fighting that moment, she always gave a "yes" and offered her 100% effort. She always demonstrated love and kindness and chose joy whenever possible. I will miss her beautiful smile and I know I am a better friend, mom and therapist for having known her. Thank you Taylor--I'll see you in heaven sweetie. ~Kimberly Johnson

Your family has always held a special place in our heart and we are sending love and prayers to you during this difficult time. From Ernie, Myself and Jadyn, we love you and are thinking of you. ~Rebecca Hart

Shelley was one of the first friends I made as a new mom, we met in swim class. We grew to be good friends and we started spending more time together. I was not close with her family or Taylor, but when I found out about Taylor's condition my heart broke for Shelley and her family. I remembered meeting Taylor at Jax's 1st birthday party but I didn't even realize she was Shelley's daughter. I had a brief conversation with her, she was so kind and helped me upstairs so I could change my sons diaper. I'll never forget the smile she gave me when I thanked her, you could literally feel the joy beaming from her. Later on talking to Shelley I connected the dots that was Taylor and I told her how sweet her daughter was! Through the next months I knew of surgeries to come and we prayed relentlessly for Taylor. I still only met her a few times after that but I was always astounded by the courage and strength Shelley portrayed her to have. From what Shelley tells me about Taylor she was always full of life, loved to dance. I feel honored to have met Taylor, even though I did not know her well, she has taught me many life lessons, like to not take such little things for granted and to live life to the fullest. Heaven is lucky to have gained such a beautiful young lady and soul. ~Tara Moore

Taylor was one ball of fire!!! She has to be the happiest, most cheerful and funny girl I've ever known. She was ALWAYS up for anything. But her most endearing qualities were her love and compassion for people. She truly cared how you were doing. She always thought of the other person. She never complained, no matter how hard things got for her. She is also the strongest and most brave people I've known. Even at such a young age she had a wisdom most adults never achieve. She loved God and showed everyone she met His love. My fondest memory of her was at Tim and Shelleys wedding rehearsal dinner. She and Abby got up on the small stage to entertain everyone and sing for the bride and groom. They were goofy, they were cute and they were precious. I love her so very much and can't wait to see her again. I love and appreciate everything she brought to my life... ~Rhonda Erskine

I had the pleasure of knowing Taylor through GO! at church. Taylor was always the first (and loudest) to answer a question. She shared her prayers with the other girls and genuinely and spiritually cared for her family and friends. Taylor will be deeply missed but her passion for life and amazing laugh will live in us forever. ~Jennifer Fadeley

Hey kiddo, wish we would have hung out more. Remember Sesame Inn where I got my nickname? That was so much fun although the duck was pretty gross. Then we went to that sushi place and I got you to try octopus for the first time and you loved it! You ate so much of it I thought you would hurl, lol. Good times, miss ya, hope to do it again someday. --Donkey Boy ~Ryan Rivers

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