In Loving Memory of

Dr. Leroy P Kareus

SUNRISE June 23, 1939 - SUNSET September 21, 2015

Dr. Leroy P. Kareus passed away peacefully at his home in Scottsdale on September 21st surrounded by his loving wife and friends. His extended fight against brain cancer was tenacious, courageous and without complaint. Leroy was a servant of the Lord, and took comfort in Bible study and its message of hope for eternal salvation. To all who knew him, Leroy was a man of great kindness and compassion who loved life. He possessed a quick wit and a great sense of humor, and was a joy to be around, constantly happy and smiling, and almost always with a joke or funny story close at hand.

Leroy was born and raised in Detroit Michigan, the youngest of nine children born to Julius and Bertha Kareus. After high school, he to attend Wayne State College, graduating in 1962 as a pharmacist. Leroy then entered the Army serving his country from 1963 to 1965. After his honorable discharge from the Army he attended medical school at Des Moines University School of Osteopathic Medicine.

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My sincere condolence on the loss of your husband. Peace and may God Bless. ~Bill Watters

Such a bitter sweet day saying farewell to such a special friend Leroy Kareus. We will miss his "Yohoo's from the backyard. His drop in for a gin & tonic. His calls to feed his tortoises or rattlesnake removal, His expertise in medical/ health questions. Leroy even sat in on Sam's heart surgery! Leroy & Julie Kovatch Kareus met so many of our family & friends from all over the world- they all send their condolences. Leroy was such a class act we wanted to share his love & wit w/everyone. As my cousin in Scotland Linda B. McCole said to me " We are so sorry to hear about Leroy. We all feel like we knew him so well." Jessie Mclean McLachlan & Leroy had such a lovely caring bond. Our hearts are heavy with loss but we are so fortunate to call Leroy friend. I will miss my gardening buddy- we had great talks while we worked in the yard, not to mention all the dinners we shared. Leroy & Julie loved restaurant week & we were happy to join in. To Leroy's family & friends- please take pride in what a sweet man he was & it was contagious! Farewell Dear LPK- as my cousin Stacey Pullan says " The sky is brighter tonight" w/ Leroy being up there. Gone but never forgot we cherished him & laugh & cry in his memory. It was a beautiful sunset tonight Leroy was sending us a sign. ~Karen Stein

Gosh, boy, where do I even start about this fantastic guy...??? One year already! I can't believe it...One of the easiest memories I have of L-Roy (as I fondly called him) was wayyyyyyy back in the late 80's I think. He and my Mom were seeing one of my shows together, as a matter of fact it was the first show he ever saw me in. and I happened to be in pants that looked like I was wearing a tent...After the show and all his wonderful congrats and accolades he asked me "Jeffrey, tell me the truth, are those pants you wore tonight really just curtains from your house". I'll never forget that day. What an awesome sense of humor and really always in a good mood. He just loved seeing any show I was doing to where it would bring tears to his eyes. He told me he was proud of me...What a special guy he was. Any meal we ever had he insisted on paying for my wife and I. I never paid for one meal, he wouldn't hear of it. So unbelievably generous with everything and everybody. When I first was getting to know L-Roy I was looking for any little thing to not like about him, as kids normally will do when they are first introduced to and spending time with their new stepparent. I remember trying to think of just one thing that irritated me about him, just one thing....and I honestly couldn't. I accepted him almost immediately. It's so unbelievably sad that he's gone, I still can't believe it. One year already....I loved driving into Arizona to see he and my was always such a treat to come in for those visits where he'd be so excited to see us. One of the first things he'd want to see me do when we got there was my "helicopter hands". It was trick I did where my hands would snap together and look and sound like a helicopter. He got the biggest kick out of that. Well Big L-Roy we really do love land miss you sooooo much. I know you're looking after my mom all the time, as I really don't know how she has gotten through this last year. I hope you and Bentley are playing together at the rainbow bridge and having a wonder ~Jeff Asch

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