In Loving Memory of

Doris Soost

SUNRISE March 8, 1919 - SUNSET March 26, 2016

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Below are two special tributes:
..... from Doris' daughter, Debbie
..... from Doris' son, Chuck (Chuck shares in his tribute Doris Mae's aliases i.e. The Morning Fairy, The Queen of Looks and The Christmas Fairy!


Mom, my good friend Wes said to me when you passed, "I'm sorry for your loss Deb, but it's definitely heavens gain".

I so agree ... and I know there was a big celebration when you were welcomed.

I'll miss visiting and spending time with you, but I'm happy knowing you are feeling better than you have in years -- no sickness or pain.

In the last few months of your life, I found myself thinking often of the past and of the many wonderful memories I have. I am one of the lucky ones. I had two wonderful parents. That's not just a cliche or stock phrase for me; I mean ...
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Tributes ~ Condolences ~ Memories

Two Special Tributes are found on the HOME page of Doris Soost sharing great memories and lots of laughter with our mother: ..... from Doris' daughter, Debbie ..... from Doris' son, Chuck (Chuck shares in his tribute Doris Mae's aliases i.e. The Morning Fairy, The Queen of Looks and The Christmas Fairy! ~Debbie Michelson

Grammie!!! You were the best grammie ever!!! We had so much fun together and I will miss you so much!!! Thank you for always being such a good grandma to me!!! I love you so much!!! Nicole ~Nicole Fine

So many things I could say, I hadn't seen Doris in many years,but grew up with her like a second mom. Made me stay at the dinner table until I tried the broccoli and brussel sprouts. Which I still love. Telling Charles when she could smell the smoke from me and Debbie. And it goes on and on. She was a wonderful lady and you were blessed to have her as your mom. God Bless during this time. ~Cheryl Dailey-Gibbs

Dearest, dearest Doris Mae! I bet my mother Lola Mae has already tried to keep you to herself and wanting you to go dancing like you did when I was about 7 years old and now I am almost 76! You and my mother were certainly a pair! Bonnie and I grew up together and I remember when Chuck was born and the adorable Debbie! Doris would fix my favorite, blackberry cobbler! But of course anything she cooked you would love! She always set the best example possible! I remember Doris taking such good care of Charles and keeping their business going. Doris always set the example of being Christ like, being loyal, being faithful, a feisty lady with integrity, character, kindness and love. Heaven is so blessed to have you and I will look forward to your beating me in cards and I know you will greet me with your delicious blackberry cobbler. Gordona ~Gordona Duca-Heiliger

Dear, Dear Doris Mae.....You were like a second mother to me, I will sorely miss you. I have so many fantastic memories, I don't even know where to begin. I easily recall your never wavering belief and faith in God. You taught me the important lesson of the daily devotional, to start my every day off on a spiritual note. I witnessed first hand the loyalty and love you gave to your husband, mother, children and grandchildren......but especially your love and devotion to my dear friend of 50 years, Debbie and her daughter, Nicole. Your demonstrative love of family definitely influenced my adult life and the love and relationships I now share with my family. We talked about that very topic many, many times. I hope you know that you always made me feel special and loved, and that I was honored to be named your adopted daughter! I think of the many visits we shared and mostly remember how we giggled, sometimes about the silliest things. You, like my mother, taught me that you can do anything you want, if you want it bad enough........that if things aren't going the way you'd like then figure out a different way. You were sassy and brilliant well before the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) and could have easily run a Fortune 500 company or just the likes of Specialty Equipment Company, which I'll add that in fact you did, until you were 80 years old. Rest in peace, precious Doris, I love and adore you and you will forever be in my heart . I now picture you happy and free of pain and organizing dinners (of which you are doing the cooking) and card games every single night......BUT still keeping an eye on us down here to make sure we are doing "things" the way you would want! ~Fayenelle Helm

I had the immense pleasure of meeting Doris at Deb & Gary's wedding. I have been friends with Deb for years and heard so many beautiful stories about Doris and boy was Deb ever right....this beautiful woman was a total firecracker. She exuded beauty inside and out and I feel so very privileged to have had the opportunity to meet her. Heaven has definitely acquired an angel in Doris. Deb my heart goes out to you and your family! RIP you beautiful woman. ~Melonie Dodaro

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