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My parents, Walt and Toby Williams were very good friends with Chet and Grace. I have many fond memories of our vacations and time spent together. My father and Chet were always in some kind of business deal together. They built the Suburban Lanes in Hibbing and bought lots together in Marathon Florida. They planned to build homes there and be neighbors but it never materialized. I have 2 younger brothers who spent time with Rusty. He was always a delight to have around. Please give my condolences to him and your entire family. Diane was a kind, loving person. She will be missed. Gwen Williams Marion ~Gwen Marion

Your mother and father were such wonderful people. They were members of my high school graduating class. I had such a wonderful visit with them at our 50th class reunion. My deepest Sympathy to you. ~Dr. Keith Grafing

What fond memories I have of Diane, a classmate and a good friend. Those memories include her family in grade school and high school. It was so nice to hear that Diane and Bob married. Bless all their family and friends. Judy (Green) Montgomery ~Judy Montgomery

What fond memories I have of Diane, a classmate and a good friend. Those memories include her family in grade school and high school. It was so nice to hear that Diane and Bob married. Bless all their family and friends. Judy (Green) Montgomery ~Judy Montgomery

I am truly honored by all the pictures that have been posted and all the memories of my Mom that have been shared. Most of these pictures I have not seen before, nor have I heard many of these stories. Not only do they make me laugh, they make me cry, knowing Mom was so special to all of you. Please keep sharing your pictures and your stories. They mean so very much to me and my family. All My Love Today and Always, Kristen ~Kristen Lindemoen

As I am remembering Diane I recall the early days at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and as typical Lutherans we both sat on the same side and pretty much in the same rows! Diane and Bob were a special couple and they will be missed by their family and many friends. Jan and Gene Stevens ~Jan Stevens

Diane was a gracious, kind, beautiful person. Everyone who knew her and Bob loved them both. They leave behind many sad friends here in Minnesota. Our condolences to their family. ~George and Connie Perpich

Diane did indeed have the truest of hearts. I will forever hold her in my heart. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful memories through the photos. ~Connie Sonnenburg

I have lost my "oldest, bestest friend". Diane and I shared many misadventures during our high school years. Our parents never could understand how a simple study trip to the library (about a mile distance) could somehow increase the odometer by 25 plus miles. She was the same Diane then: sweet, kind, fun loving and loyal. I knew that if I ever needed her, she would be there for me and vice versa. It was true those many years ago and remained true the many years we were fortunate to live just minutes apart. As we got older and our lives became busier and more complicated, we saw less of one another. However, the depth of our friendship never changed. It was of great comfort to me to know that she was just a phone call away. I loved her. She was a beautiful person, and I will miss her terribly. I can't even imagine what your lives will be like without her, but I know that you all have her same strength and faith, and that she will be very proud of the way you will continue on. You have our love, our prayers and our deepest sympathy. Sharon and Bill Keeton ~Sharon Keeton

Deepest condolences to all of Diane's family. I had the pleasure of knowing Diane for 30 plus years and you would never find a more caring, loving, fun person. She and Lindy were perfect together. May peace be with you. ~Warren Anderson anderson

So truly sorry for the loss of your Mom, she and your Dad where beautiful people....will be missed by many. RIP Diane ~Pat Marion

Through my mother and Diane I learned what true friendship could be and have strived to find that in my life. I had the privilege of knowing Diane my entire life and can not even image the loss her family is feeling. What a truly beautiful person inside and out! She will truly be missed... God be with you all! ~Tracy Barrett

To Rusty,Kathy, Brian and families. I will always remember Diane as the warm and caring person with a smile that would make all welcome. Back to days at South Sturgeon, and on to your future home in Paradise Valley, Diane and Lindy will always bring good memories. Along with the days of Grace, Chet and Porky. May all good times and memories be with you, the family. Hugs and prayers. ~Margy Retica Hughes

Bob & Diane were my of the many who married classmates. They were such an adorable couple.....perfect for each other. My deepest sympathy goes out to her children and grandchildren. Looking at all the pictures, I'm sure you will have fond memories to last forever in your hearts....I will always remember them as one of the nicest couples I have ever met.... ~Kaye Vincent

Mrs. Lindemoen, as I have always known her, was one of the sweetest souls to ever walk this earth. I spent many days at her home as Kristi and I walked to and from school together. I was the kind of child that always seemed to have or be in trouble of some sort. Mrs. Lindemoen always found a way to make me feel better. Sometimes it was just her sweet smile and a hug and other times she would sit with me and talk to me about what a special girl I was. She had it wrong, SHE was special and kind and everything that was decent and pure in this world. She made a difference in my life and I will never forget her. Her "Ya Do's", red lipstick and love of sunbathing are only a few of the many wonderful memories I will carry in my heart. ~Marnie Zang Katularu

So very sorry for your loss. Diane was a very special lady who always had a smile on her face and a sweet thing to say to everyone she spoke to. Her loving and caring nature will be missed. God bless and please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. ~Nelly Dombrowski

My favorite memories was the summer of 1971. I spent 2 weeks with my aunt and uncle and will always treasure the love and patience they showed having a 14 year old niece in town from California. Lindy introduced me to convertibles!! Top down!! I drove all over Scottsdale and Phoenix with my beautiful aunt Diane in the backseat. "Lindy, do you suppose you should drive now?" What a memorable time. Now I'm 60 years old and my heart is full of love for this beautiful couple who were such wonderful role models. Love to you guys'' ~Marilyn Holum

Mom, I LOVE you, "To The Moon And Back." K~ ~Kristen Lindemoen

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