In Loving Memory of

David Latter

SUNRISE October 14, 1966 - SUNSET October 27, 2014

Dave Latter lived a rich life that revolved around baseball but took its most meaningful shape and focus when he became a father, first to a beloved daughter 19 years ago and then to a son 13 years ago. He lived for them. He was the father who stayed at home when Briana was a toddler to teach her to read, write and send her off to school with a perfect ponytail like only he could do. He was especially excited to have a son to carry on the Latter name and took great pride in coaching every sport Christian played, from soccer to flag football, to of course, baseball.
Baseball was Dave's passion, his dream and until his children were born, his life.
There wasn't a sport Dave didn't play and play well; from hockey as youth in Minnesota to quarterback of the football team at Lynbrook High School in Saratoga.
Dave was born in Houston, Texas but spent his best years in Saratoga where the Latter house became a central gathering spot for the many friends Dave and his late brother Jim collect ...
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