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Duane & I were so sad to hear about Dan. It took me until now to have the composure together to write a tribute for Dan. We both considered Dan a good friend. He was the type of person everyone would like to be. He dedication to family was remarkable. We loved hearing his stories of what fun adventures Dan & Elaine enjoyed each weekend, most of the time with their family. We both looked forward to seeing Dan every Monday morning, and even if we didn't "feel" like working out, once we arrived at Dan's place, with his bright eyes & gleaming smile, we were excited to get to work. His sense of humor wasn't always right on, but he delighted in trying to tell a joke and he always made us laugh. We do not have any grandchildren as of yet, but when we do, we had an amazing example in Dan. We were out of town when we heard the news and were unable to honor such a wonderful man and his family, but please know we were there in spirit. He will always be remembered....... ~Cindy Watkins

I wake everyday feeling like this just can't be true. I can't imagine not hearing that laugh or seeing his smile again. He was too full of love and life to be gone. He was the most selfless wonderful person I knew. My heart is broken for Elaine. They define soul mates. I love you to the moon and back brother. Love Kath ~Kathy Williams


Elaine lost a best friend. We lost a good friend. ~Bruce and Gina Stasiuk

It was heartbreaking to learn of the loss of Uncle Danny, my godfather. He had a beautiful presence, a smile that could light up a room, and a heart of gold. Uncle Danny was one of the kindest and gentlest people with a wonderful sense of humor. I enjoyed his visits to the east coast and baring witness to both his loving and comedic interactions with our family. Although we didn't see each other often, he was always genuinely interested in my life. He loved his family so passionately and their happiness brought him the greatest joys. Uncle Dan's memory will continue to shine bright through the lives of those he has touched. ~Jennifer Fisher

I am so sorry to hear of Dan's passing. I think about working with Dan and Elaine and it always makes me smile. It makes me happy that the family has so many memories to comfort you in the future, Dan was truly one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure to know. Please accept my most heartfelt sympathy for your loss. ~Beth Herold-Wheeler

BrookeBenter's speech Dear family and friends we are here today to see the celebration of Dan also known as my grandpa. Yes it hurts your heart if you think about him but be happy thats what he wants. Yes he did have a heart attack but that was just because he had a bad heart you all have great hearts i'm sure of it. When he was here he was fun, kind, and even funny thats what a nice guy is all about. Maybe he tricked you or me but thats why he is funny. I hope you like my speech because its THE END!!!:) ~Brooklyn Benter

Dr. Cunningham was our dentist for many years and we always found him to be a real gentleman, lovely person and exceptional dentist. We missed him when he moved and were deeply shocked and saddened to hear of his death. ~Adam and Eileen Fisher

Our thoughts and prayer are with you and your family. Love, Lena and Alan ~LENA NAPOLI

My condolences to the entire Cunningham family. ~Wendy Erwin

Grandpa was the kindest man on the planet! He was always there when we needed him, and he was loved by everyone and always will. We went to many places with him where we always had new and amazing experiences from running at Disneyland, Surfing in North Carolina and riding a roller coaster at the New York, NY hotel in Las Vegas. He would do anything for us kids. He made sure that we always spent family time together whether it was doing a movie night at the house or just hanging out at as family. Every time we were together, he always made sure he was looking out for us! We were the most spoiled grandkids in the world, all because of him! We love him so very much and will miss him more than words can say! ~Madison Girnius

Grandpa Dan was a great grandpa because he was always happy and he always planned such fun things to do as a family. He also helped us in our activities. He often would come up with relay races for all of us to do! We would even receive metals for completing all of his crazy races! Grandpa Dan was also the best when it came to all of our movie nights at the house! Not only would he make, made to order popcorn, but he would have every sort of candy for us to eat during the movie! We also went many places like Disneyland where we ran in the Run Disney Races and go on the rides. The best was the riding on the cars land ride with him! I always had the best time with him. He would always talk to us and make us feel like we were super stars! I loved him so much and will miss him! Love- Braedon ~Braedon Girnius

Grandpa Dan was a really nice grandpa. He brought us to places that we never been liked Disneyland, Flagstaff, Las Vegas and North Carolina. He did these to make us happy and to spend time together. One of my favorites was when we went to Disneyland and we would go on ALL of the rides, except the Tower of Terror, and run in the Star Wars race. I am going to miss my grandpa Dan. ~Ethan Girnius

I am so very sad to hear this heartbreakimg news. Working for Dan and Elaine was and will always be the high point in my dental hygiene career. Dan was such a wonderful person and a terrific boss. He was and still is the best dentist I have ever worked for. Elaine, my heart breaks for you. I know he will be sorely missed by you and all your family. ~Rosemarie Cowit

My thoughts, prayers and love go to your family. Dan was a wonderful man, who always did so much for everyone, he will be missed. ~Lynne Tenney

What a terrible loss. Dan touched so many lives . His spirit lives in all of the pristine dental care that he delivered to his patients. Not a day goes by when his expertise is not appreciated as I marvel at the beautiful dentistry which he provided. To his family... I am deeply sorry to hear and wish you healing. ~Beth Buono

I am so sorry to hear of Dan's passing. Dan was a wonderful classmate, dear friend and colleague. His maturity helped all of us navigate through dental school. The memories of those years and the years of residency and practice are precious to me. My sincere condolences to Elaine and all of his children and grandchildren. We also shared watching our sons play lacrosse and win a sate championship!! Great memories!!! ~Anthony Casino

Dan was such a ray of sunshine for me on Mondays and Wednesday's! His zest for life, love for his family, admiration of his wife and dedication to help all of us live a healthier life will be forever missed!! We are all better for knowing Dan! ~Mindy Barkemeyer

I was so sorry to hear of Dr Cunningham's passing while at Dr. Buono's office today. Dr. Cunningham was an amazing dentist, a good person; my children and I remember him fondly. Just before he retired - I asked him, what will you do out in Arizona? He said, I think I might want to teach Biology in a high school. I laughed (I was a HS Bio teacher) - I said, that's no retirement! Whatever it was that he ended up doing, I'm sure he did it well. Elaine and children, we are so sorry for your loss. ~Elaine Maas

Dan was a true ray of sunshine to all those who were lucky enough to be around him. I was one of the lucky ones every Monday and Wednesday for the past year and a half. His zest for life, pride in his children and the parents they are to his grandkids, the love and admiration he had for his wife and the dedication he had to helping us stay healthy and strong will be a complete void in so many lives! Dan was a true testament of Gods love, and I pray for all of us to be a little more like him. ~Mindy Barkemeyer

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