In Loving Memory of

Brett Wade Butler

SUNRISE November 29, 1954 - SUNSET October 21, 2004

After a valiant and courageous battle with ALS (Lou Gehrigs), surrounded by his family and friends, on October 21, 2004 we lost our dear husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, and friend Brett Wade Butler. He was just shy of his 50th birthday.

Brett was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and was active in his callings, especially Boy Scouts. He also enjoyed woodworking and fishing. Brett served his country in the Air Force. He worked in the telecommunication industry for 28 years. His wit and charm will be missed by all who knew him.

Brett is survived by his wife of 25 years, Janita of Show Low, AZ; daughters, Erica (Ryan) Hickey of Scottsdale, AZ, Sarah Butler of Flagstaff, AZ, and Rachel (Jarrod) Padilla of Gilbert,AZ; Three grandsons, Brett Hickey, Seth Hickey, and Hayden Padilla; sisters, LeAnn (Kathy) Butler of Mesa, Marcie (Frank) Westbrook of Vernon, AZ; brothers, Mark (Mitzi) Butler of Show Low, Cole (Traci) Butler of Snowflake; many nieces ...
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Tributes ~ Condolences ~ Memories

When I was only 15, Brett was visiting my father at our home and I was downstairs getting ready for a date I had that evening with a boy named Mike. I heard the doorbell ring and knew my date had arrived so I went upstairs into the kitchen where my father, mother and Brett were talking. My date walked into the kitchen and introduced himself. Brett, without missing a beat, immediately says, "So Mike, what exactly are your intentions with Mr. Griffith's daughter?" My date stood there stunned and totally caught off guard. Brett then began to laugh breaking the silence and said, "just kidding, have a great time kids." 15 years later my husband Mike and I still laugh about that incredibly awkward but hilarious moment Brett put him through. Thanks Brett for all the wonderful memories full of laughter, that's how I will always remember you. ~Krystal Finney

Brett thought people did bad things because they were allowed to get away with it. So he was often his own vigilante committee. Here are some examples. He used to chase people who drove too fast down our street. Once some tried to steal the saguaro cactus rib in front of our house. The neighbor, Theda, called to tell us some one was going down the street with it. Well of course Brett went after him. The guy dropped the cactus and took off in his car. That wasn't good enough for Brett. He got in our car and chased after him. I was so scared that I was going to hear police sirens because he got shot. Then there was the time in Las Vegas when he went after some teenage boys who were throwing stuff off the walkways. He went after them again trapping them in the elevator after they mouthed off to him. Then there was the time in Temple Square, Brett's family was visiting and we all took Trac to Temple Square. There was a crazy man there when we got off the train. He was calling the women Mormon how's. Everyone else getting off the train ignored him. Not Brett!! His daughters were hanging on to his arms telling him to ignore it. He jerked away from them saying let go of me!! Luckily the police came then and took care of it. He was also a man who loved to serve and help others. He was always helping the elderly neighbors with their yard work. He was always willing to help someone move, or help with a handyman project. His home, heart, hands, time, and wallet were always open for someone in need. Wether friend or stranger. ~Janita Butler

When I was pregnant with our first child Erica, it was Christmas. My mother (Margie) was visiting. We were talking and I told her I would really like a rocking chair for Christmas but we couldn't afford it. Little did I know, (but she did) he had done a side job and their was a brand new rocker sitting in the storage room.. I used it for years. He also made a beautiful cradle in a wood working class. He made it rather masculine for his son. We all know how that turned out for him. He tried to get me to get rid of it for years. I always told him no, someday my grandchildren are going to sleep in it. I am happy to say I was right. ~Janita Butler

When u were very small I believe u lived in Springerville I was taking a guy home from work and he wanted to buy me a beer we went into a small bar and I had one drink I got up to leave and was approached by 3 Mexicans they asked me a question about an upcoming fight I told them who I thought would win well the fight was on and as I kicked the crap out of all 3 of them they were on the floor a 4th one came up from my behind and started stabbing me about 6 times I turned around poked my wounds back in I tried to chase him couldn't run very well then no one would help me and I was scared I drove myself home I told my wife that I had been stabbed but I wasn't bleeding very bad so I laid down on my bed when a knock on the came Sandra answered and it was your mom and dad we weren't expecting them and I hadn't seen them for some time we'll Brett came and picked me up off my bed and took me to the hospital the doctor told me I was almost out of blood that I was bleeding internally well I should have died that night I had 95 staples from my belly button upto my chest and stitches on the rest of my wounds so Your dad saved my life then I had to sit and watch my friend lose his life so I know in the next life I will see Brett again every time I look at my scars I see Brett my hero I think about him and that is how your dad saved my life I will always love him ~Rick Williams

Please accept my sincere condolences and heart felt sadness in your families loss..... I had just found out the other day about his passing and wanted to let you all know what a joy he was during our grade school and high school days.... always so nice, fun to be around, and just a great person.... but I'm not telling you anything that you don't all ready know. Thanks for all the great memories Brett, Darlene McCleve Dickenson ~Darlene Dickenson (McCleve)

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