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Hi my name is Chris Faherty and I am Barb’s grandson (to me Nana). To start off, I always loved coming in to her house and her warm welcoming, "Well hi sweetheart!" She had this tone in her voice that made you smile. Also, she always made home cooked meals. No, there were not meals from Costco, there where good home cooked meals. Those mashed potatoes. I always remember Nana pounding the mashed potatoes. Man were they good. I think one of my favorite memories was Christmas of 2014. I came in and I told her that I really was into hockey and my favorite team was the AZ Coyotes. Well she came out with her home team, the Boston Bruins throwback jersey. Later that night we were opening presents and I got my big present. It was the Coyotes jersey I wanted for so long! It was from Nana. She looked at me and said, "Now we have the same jerseys!" There are so many memories with her. Like when I was 6 months old, I rode one of Nana's horses. I don't want to say goodbye to her I just want to say, See ya later. Love you Nana. ~Chris Faherty

I graduated Nazareth Academy High School and attended one year of college with Barbara. We spent a geat deal of time together when she lived in New Hampshire as well. She had some bumpy roads but never gave up..pushing forward with that big smile and termination. When she moved out to Arizonia, I only saw her once..but there was always the telephone..and we talked and laughed for hours. I am so glad that she got to do the things she loved to do., which was alot of things...nothing got in her way! I will miss in peace Barbara. Love Mary Ann (Mazzola) Smoot-DiGregorio ~Mary Ann (Mazzola) Smoot-DiGregorio

So saddened to hear about the passing of Barbara. I went to high school and stayed in touch with her after. I will always remember her beautiful voice. She always had a smile on her face. Chris and family you are in my thoughts and prayers. Anne Russo Lindmark ~Anne Lindmark

I attended high school with Barbara. Although we lost touch I can see by her amazing tribute that I certainly have missed out. What a wonderful spirit. I was the Artful Dodger to her Oliver. How fitting as she was sweet and I was spice. My condolences to all of you. Thinking of you all. Rest in peace Barbara. ~JoAnn Daigle

I went to Naz with Basbara. Also worked with her at Filene's. She had a great smile that I see never faded I think fondly of her and now she will be missed. She was our little Oliver with that larger then life voice and big personality in that small body. Even then she never let her illness keep her down. ~Karen Doyle

I remember Barbara from Nazareth. We all knew one another. How could you not ,40 crazy girls in the class of 1975. I am saddened to hear of her passing. She had so much spunk for a little one! Although I do not keep in touch with many of the classmates I do remember all. My thoughts and prays are with you,and your family. Cathy ~Cathy Wallent, DMD

I attended high school with Barbara and hadn't seen or spoken with her for many, many years. I heard news during this time about her health. I do remember her smile and see this had not changed..except to become bigger! What a grace-filled and inspirational life she led. Thank you so much for sharing photos and memories of her. To her beautiful family, please accept my condolences and know that you are in my prayers. ~Mary Catherine Iannuzzi (Yasi)

So many beautiful memories from Ossipee, Nh and O.P.D. ~Linda Morgan

So many of my childhood memories revolve around Barb, I loved to visit as often as I could and just talk about life. She was a great listener with great advice and always cared. She helped me realize who I wanted to be and showed me what it meant to be a strong person. She taught me how to play chess and made sure I always left her house well fed. She was always so happy to see me and I could never thank her enough for the memories she gave me. Making her proud was one of my biggest motivators and it helped me get through a lot of tough times. Thank you for making me laugh when I was down, giving me the motivation to work as hard as I could and giving me the honor of knowing such a wonderful person. I love you Barb and I will miss you so much. ~Dillon Silk

Chris, Joe, Jenn, Christopher, and Andrew, Thank you for sharing your wife, mother, and grandmother with us! Barb was a beautiful gift that will be forever cherished. Ronald Regan said, "There is nothing so good for the inside of man, as the outside of a horse". Barb knew this all to well. No matter what hurdle, obstacle, or challenge was put in front of her it was always met with a determination to overcome and get back on her horse. Barb, Thank you for being the compass to alway bring Chelsea home to us (Barb's Trail). The example to lead a honest and hardworking life for Dillon. And being the friend that never walked in front of me or behind me but always beside me. I love you and will see you later. Bonnie Silk ~Bonnie Silk

Barb’s Gate We first met the Hull’s, Barb and Chris in the fall of 2001 as most new neighbors do, talking over the fence getting to know each other. My initial reaction to Barb was this person is like no other, the light in her eyes when she gets excited about something, extremely positive and genuinely interested in what you and your family was about. My thought was let’s see how long this lasts with my noisy nature, young kids, horses and dogs running around. As the days passed I noticed my wife (Bonnie) and the kids (Chelsea & Dillon) were spending more time at Barb’s walking all the way around the property line to visit her to talk about horses, dogs and life in general. It was about this time I learned of Barb’s condition and saw that it didn’t slow her down much and when people would ask I would simply say “she is just a little gimpy”. One day I was approached about having a Gate put between the two properties so we wouldn’t have to walk all the way around. Well I had never liked a neighbor enough to put a Gate between the properties, but I too was getting tired of the walk. Through Barb’s Gate my family would make countless trips to see Barb or help run off a rattlesnake, provide first aid to a horse or go for a ride on Barbs Trail. Barb would spend countless hours training my Daughter the proper way to ride a horse and to tell me to keep my opinions to myself with the look. Barb’s Gate was used by my Son to talk about life and his future and a second opinion. I would go through Barb’s Gate, to assist Barb with a saddle or help with the horses, or to cheer her up, but she was always more concerned about you, are you were doing well?, are you working too hard?, are you taking care of yourself? Barb had a way of switching it around on you; you always left cheered up and wonder how she was able to do that, I went to help her. My family always believed that Barb was the Angel that lived next door. Barb will always be in our hearts and a loving inspiration on how you handle what ~Matt Silk

Barb was such an influence in my life. Having her as a neighbor was my favorite part of living out in Rio Verde. I will never forget the countless horse lessons she gave me that turned me into the confident rider I am today. I was so excited when she told me she would teach me how to ride because I was so amazed at how well she was with horses. When I was young I was convinced Barb was a horse whisperer. I remember how much she cared for her animals treating them like they were people, talking to them and giving them the best lives possible. When I first took my pony Bandit over to her house, I was 10 and so nervous about riding but so excited to learn everything I could from her. Lessons in her arena with Bandit turned to countless rides on Barb’s trail with my horse Poco as I got older and more experienced. On those trail rides she taught me how to navigate back home by using landmarks like “Puppy Dog Rock”. Barb showed me so many trails growing up and on every ride she would always include a lesson. Barb was always encouraging me not only with riding but also with my future goals. She was always ready to talk when I felt discouraged and needed advice. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know such an incredible woman. I will always love and miss her. I will forever remember all the times I spent up at her house riding and talking about life and horses. ~Chelsea Silk


We will miss you my friend. What an inspiration you have been to us all. So many fun times we had on horseback that will never be forgotten. Ride in the green green pastures with the horses that you have lost and your dogs that went before you. We love you Ms. Barb. Chris, there is a awesome place in heaven for you. We love you. Dennis and Ann ~Ann Provost

What was so remarkable of Barb was the things she would deem so very small, I deem incredible. I had just been given the news that my wife (at the time) was wanting a divorce. Somehow I found myself in Barb and Chris' log cabin (yes the place we all congregated to). An evening sitting at the dining room table, my 18 month old in her lap as she listened. I don't remember if she ever said anything. She listened. That was what I needed. Barb gave of herself freely and her care so very genuine and kind. I felt lost but she was able to let me know it would all work out. There were so many other times I could list, but in this time of reflection I want the world to know she brought everyone into her heart and shared it so freely. I don't think she ever realized how rare she was, how kind and how supportive. She was our age but took us all in and watched over all of us like we were her flock. You didn't have to know Barb long to feel that you were part of her extended family. From a long time ago on a go cart so very slow I met the man that is her husband. His family is what all families should be. ~Doug Vaughan

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