In Loving Memory of

Howard "Beau" Hickey

SUNRISE December 12, 1975 - SUNSET February 20, 2009

Hickey, Howard E. "Beau", Friday, February 20, 2009.

Beloved son of Howard E. & Elizabeth A. Hickey; dear brother of Ryan M. Hickey, Erin E. Hickey, Shannon C. (Shawn) Masterson, Bruce J. Hickey, Brian P. Hickey & the late Sean C. Hickey; grandson of Dorothy L. Gerstner & the late George A. Gerstner; Pearl L. Hickey & the late John C. Hickey; godson of John J. Thiebauth & Margot Thiebauth; nephew of Anne L. Miller, John G. Gerstner & Marsha Fulkerson.

Beau touched everyone he met with his laugh and smile. He was always the one with the crazy idea, but would always make sure his younger brother tried it first to make sure it was safe. His main interests were music and movies, he was a huge fan of John Belushi, The Beatles, Jim Morrison, Quentin Tarantino & Trent Reznor. He had a passion for acting and poetry and excelled with both. He was taken too soon and we miss him everyday.

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