In Loving Memory of

Esther Silver

SUNRISE June 14, 1922 - SUNSET November 17, 2009

Esther Silver, a first-generation Russian-American and longtime Inverness resident, restaurateur and bookstore owner, passed away in her home on November
17 after a long illness. She was 87 years old.

Esther was a devoted reader. thinker, mother and grandmother who served in WWII as a stewardess on a Norwegian freighter. She was a feminist before
feminism, staying true to herself despite the times. "Esther intimidated some people because she was not shy about voicing her opinions," said her old friend, Peter DeSwart.

During her illness, a friend asked her if she was still enjoying life. Esther responded: 'Yes. I love playing with ideas."

Esther Dinkin was born in Chicago in 1922 to Jewish parents who emigrated from Russia to escape the pogroms. She was the youngest of three daughters who
were known as the "Dinkin sisters." Yiddish was their first language. The Dinkins spoke Russian in front of the girls when they wanted to converse in private,
just as Esther later spoke Yi ...
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