In Loving Memory of

Dr. Allen I. Gleeman

SUNRISE May 12, 1925 - SUNSET October 16, 2013

Allen Irwin Gleeman, DVM
Allen was born on May 12, 1925 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Calvin Coolidge was president. The country and the world were on the brink of a great depression and then a great war. But on that particular Tuesday, the world got a little brighter and a little better.
His parents, Sam and Cecelia Gleeman raised him and his older sister, Marcia, in Elizabeth. Sam was a musician by trade. Leader of his own orchestra, he played sax and clarinet.
Allen had a singular dream since the young age of seven: to be a veterinarian. Just seven years old. When he got a bit older, the dream had to live on hold for a while, because upon graduating from high school at 17, he could not wait to join the Navy and fight for his country. And so he did. Four years in the Naval Armed Guard took him to combat theaters from the Aleutian Islands to the South Pacific. And he said he loved every minute of it.
"But Dad, weren't you scared?"
"No, no I wasn't. I was too young, t ...
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Will be held on the following dates at these locations

Celebrating the Life of Dr. Allen I. Gleeman, DVM


Higgins and Bonner Echo Lake Funeral Home
582 Springfield Ave. Westfield NJ 07090

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Committal 1:45 PM Fri., Oct. 18, 2013 Location: Fairview Cemetery

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